The Twilight movie house

As a result, since November, those who loved characters of this love affair she may revisit in the second movie called The Twilight Saga: New Moon.


But this is not the reason where we meet here are not critical, and if I take after receiving recorded, I could say that I was wrong about its quality.


The reason that I decided to make this material, is lovely house in the woods.


As much as I disliked story house impressed me.


The beautiful house, where they hide vampires, nothing like what we used to see in classic movies. There were no coffins strung in the basement or bats hanging from the ceiling in the dark spooky castle of any abandoned.


The architect Brian Hemingway managed to transform this building in an enviable spot. I watched TV and I could not believe it, seemed a broken piece of heaven.


Far from prying eyes, the house c U5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and 3 floors, a beneficiatde entire wall made of glass, after all, who you spy in the middle of the woods?


Surface impressive design made possible a space for cooking and quite voluminous. But when they started cooking vampires, like bloodsucking?


Finally, worth every penny! Decorated with the most precious and exquisite pieces of contemporary furniture, the 15 rooms worth, no more, no less, $ 3,298,000.