The story of an apartment

In October, Kyle moved into his new house, though they were only furnished kitchen and bedroom. Regarding the other rooms, decorated them gradually, in stages. Many ideas have come along the way, without a well established from the beginning. The one thing that he knew was that he wanted a modern interior, decorated in a chromatic trends.

The purchase accessories and furniture gave him big headaches, since it bought the shops instead of what he saw and liked.

The furniture was mostly made to order. When it was finished furniture for a room, our host and decoratunile buy accessories for space. Most decorations and even some bodies of furniture (sofa in the living room and the armchair in the bedroom) were purchased from IKEA.

Another wish of Kyle was the arrangement to be as airy and the bedroom was benefit from more space. For this reason, he took advantage of niche available in the lobby of the rooms to build a dressing generously with sliding doors.



  1. shoe rack, placed on the entrance hall, was masked in an inspired way, using garlands made of bamboo, which our host has purchased from IKEA. It has cut and shaped so as to fit the space.
  2. balcony, Kyle bought at IKEA a relaxing rattan furniture that fits perfectly with the landscape offered by many decorative plants. For additional shade, our host turned to bundles of twigs on which he placed on the sides of the balcony.
  3. Kyle stored in large subdivision proposed by the manufacturer, the only change that did the bar that separates the kitchen from the living room. Initially, he wanted to preserve open space, but thought that had somehow hidden kitchen area, which is why he resorted to this building covered with stone.
  4. The bar has an obvious aesthetic role, hosting an aquarium with fish , and one functional and can serve as a dining area.