Bowindow – a different window

One possibility is the bowindow. This is a type of window that comes in jutty the vertical plane of the exterior wall, supported on the floor console or beams that make up the pavement support room which it relates, whose space it extends outwards.

This is the definition of an architect, but in language that is simple, bowindow site is an artifice architecture that allows you to enter as much light in the room, enhancing a narrow space or small.

Bowindow CPC consists of at least three windows, fixed or mobile, depending on your preferences, arranged in the plan, forming a semicircle or polygonal. Most often, the center window is fixed, and adjacent ones are flexible, easy to handle, to achieve proper ventilation of that space. With this type of windows, elegant space expands outward. A bowindow may be an excellent place for maids table a seating area or plants that you have in the house.

Bowindow sites are associated architecture Victorian style known as style queen Anna. The way to get more space and more light is found in Hindu culture, where balconies projects outside the front street are said to offer women the opportunity to pursue activities in the street without being seen.

In San Francisco, a city with limited space, bowindow is much appreciated and can be considered a mark of the architecture in the area.