Solar panels, a solution for heating

Lately we hear more frequently about the benefits of installing solar panels, but the information about these systems are not complete. Therefore, we thought it would come to help and to present their benefits.

We are facing a reduction of energy reserves , which leads to many global problems. Fortunately, the sun provides energy potential that can be used without limits. And this potential is free. Using solar energy help reduce the consumption of conventional fuels, but has the added benefit that reduce heating costs. It should be noted that this is totally clean energy, helping to protect the environment.

Experts believe that in only 20 minutes, the Earth receives from the Sun, the energy needed for a year. All you have to do to qualify is to mount solar power on the roof of the building where you live or solar installations. They use the inexhaustible energy of the sun effectively. The installations not only produce hot water, but can help to heat your house.

Using solar energy efficiently, saves on average a year, up to 70% fuel for domestic hot water and up to 30% fuel oil. The efficiency of solar plants depends on the efficiency of solar panels. They are made of high quality materials that ensure maximum economic, ecological and long lasting. On the market there are solar panels vacuum tube and flat solar panels , which can be mounted on the roof or facade plan or embedded in the roof, giving a unique design, without visible accessories.