Sizing and positioning the windows

The best case is the upper bound of the window which is located at a height equal to or greater than half the room depth. The windows without railing or parapet very small increase visual field, creating continuity between interior space and exterior, but when the total area of the aperture is relatively high can cause problems related to heat loss.

It is true as living spaces with functions and places of rest or where we spend most of the day must be provided with large openings, but must be studied and inspired to not be bothered by too much light or heat. In each room, there must be a well-lit area.

A vertical window providess natural light correctly with a max depth of 6m. The top level window must not be below 1.80 m, i.e., the height of a normal-sized people. Ensure ventilation is done by providing at least one movable sash, so do not be fooled by the low price of fixed joinery. The organization plan of each room is indicated to be had right from the beginning, that all imported spaces have openings to free zones, with a view widely and lighting right.

You should know that dense vegetation adjacent to windows with natural light can reduce up to 50%.