Rustic Decor realized without a specialist

The way the house is designed, we can see very easily that it has exquisite taste in home & deco and succeeded, even if the owner haven’t asked a specialist for help arranging and furnishing the house. There was something not easy because the home is special, out of charts and not a classic.

The furniture had to be as. Some pieces were purchased at vintage fairs abroad, most, while other parts were bought from Ikea. With different accessories totally changed the look of new furniture, décor managed to integrate it inside.

The layout of the house and contribute stories drawn from unusual floor. This is actually a grid of oak and tile made in the country side, by hand. It was handmade, and costs have not exceeded those of an ordinary parquet. All rooms have a special charm, each one is decorated in a unique style with antiques from several hundred years, some inherited, some purchased at flea markets. A special room is the upstairs bathroom. This was done by the owner helped by a friend.

The inspiration came from Moroccan baths and mosaic pieces were glued by hand. The interior is evidence of good taste, imagination. The owner has used every thing has liked so as to find a place in the house without it to be loaded, managed to turn objects that normally would not have attracted anyone’s attention, in real furniture or decorations.