Paving the courtyard with gravel

It’s certainly not the prettiest picture because when will rain, everything would turn into mud.

With gravel paving, regardless of which model you choose, you protect you and your yard against slush and mud. After you have decided to put the pavement , you must decide on the model and material. We propose gravel. It is easy to get and can be of various colors.

If you are a Feng Shui adept, you can choose black and white gravel, suggesting ying and yang in this way. The natural stone is not left away. If you choose natural stone cladding in different parts of the house or building, you will make the right choice for paving material preferring the same courtyard. Any of these materials, once chosen, must be in court, but not before a mesh be installed over ground which prevents impregnation of this type of pavement with water and mud.