Original design over money

That is because we all buy furniture and decorations from the same places, using the same brands well known.

An original look, and expressing success of facets but the personality and approach of novel methods. For example, a mural, designed specifically for your home will be inevitably unique. It is unlikely that another person to order the same thing for the same room. Moreover and artists if they have less freedom rather do something else every time.

The apartment of images was refreshed in a remarkable painting full of vitality and energy of living and decorations with geometric shapes lobby . For that, the owner called a very talented young artist. With total freedom, she was inspired by the lifestyle of the owner alert. The paper itself costs less than you might expect.

Result : a painting effect that catches your eye and you remain in memory, a hall decorated Original with pieces of mirror and straight lines, a home that clearly stepping out of the shadow of the commonplace.