Oriental style studio

We are talking about a Studio held on an area of ​​68 square meters.

The border between simplicity and elegance is very fine, but our hosts were able to draw it perfectly, being helped by the experience they have in this area and the architect’s advice. And how many times the tone of a design detail, every aspect has not been neglected – natural materials and textures, furniture treated with lines, color accents, all in well-dosed effects, to obtain remarkable result we see today .

living delight with the decor with oriental influences, the pieces of furniture (mostly Thailand ) invites you to relax.

An attention-getting element in this niche area is designed so that you create the impression that there would be a fireplace.

Located near the kitchen , living borrow something from warmth and family atmosphere that it emits. The two areas are separated visually by a painted wooden screen that invites you to discover what is behind him.

In an orange hue, glamorous, kitchen open to the living room been personalized pieces MDF with a flawless design. Simply furnished dining place is animated barstool and made from water hyacinth, material mainly used in the decor, oriental spirit that breathes in detail.


The chest painted wooden statuettes and armchair retro design (coming out of style patterns seen so far) are just some of the elements that leave a mark on the decor.