Natural stone perfect for paving the court

Slabs of concrete are known to be the cheapest and have a versatile design and regarding color; it is diversified.

Natural stone is another option. Stone gives the exterior a touch of nobility that can justify the profusely pretty steep price.

Another advantage would be that natural stone is an integral element. It is unique because you can not find two stones the same. From this derives quality, but a defect. Because the stones are kept as close to their natural state, to highlight the originality of coverage, they can predict small imperfections. It is good to know that all stone coatings are particularly vulnerable to chemical acids.

Granite is the hardest type of stone, but the price is as good as the stone. This stone is little or no porous and easily degrades under the effect of acidic substances. The color is clear and open.

No marble is unavoidable. On the contrary, it will definitively transform the pleasant area. Unfortunately, it is less solid and less wear resistant than granite. Maintenance must be carefully and regularly.

Travertine marble and is part of having small amounts that can be covered industrialy. The colors range from gray to yellow.

The maintenance of natural stone includes the power of a specialist, but it is good to know that should be avoided as it causes sand scratching the surface coating. It requires frequent cleaning without much water and maturation areas covered with these textures.