A natural roof

Although some of us believe that green roofs is a new invention, we have to say that this type of roof is old.

The method of covering the roof with grass or reeds have to protect it, to prevent water infiltration. Now natural roof is a new proof that we care about the environment. The green roof are placed over a previously placed, classic roof support. You have to be careful because the layer of vegetation can vary between 50 and 500 kg per square meter, but no more. Why choose a roof of this kind?

Besides the cosmetic appearance, with its help you can save more energy. Remember no thermal comfort as a green roof to escape the infernal heat of summer. Do not worry facerti regarding green roof during cold weather because the layer you applied for planting the plants, is transformed into a protector of the initial roof.

You say that you enjoy extra insulation, protecting the house from the wind. As happens with all things well protected they age more difficult than some left defenseless against the weather, and when green roofs can talk of delaying aging roof membrane.

Green roofs are of two types: extensive and intensive. These types of plants are dictated chosen for roofs. For example, extensive roof consists of a thin soil that will grow plants that do not require special care, such as pitch. Instead, plants used for intensive type roof are demanding and require a thicker and loose soil. This roof will look like a garden in all its splendor. Beware structure of the house and how solid is the roof because you have to bear a burden.