Mounting elements for paving

A first operation consists of designing areas to be paved. Adjustable single site-type garden, driveway, sidewalk, roadway, storage platform or industrial building their models to be made, it shall determine the type, thickness, colors and necessary paving, gutters and curbs. After being taken all the security measures that guarantee a concrete pavement installed copy must be stripped soil. Despoiled sits on the surface of a layer of gravel or concrete base, 10-15 cm-thick.

Choosing the underlying layer specification varies depending on the designer. It can be rigid or flexible. Flexible base layer of gravel is recommended for paving with small size. Paved surface should have a drainage slope of 1%.

rigid concrete base layer is recommended for all paving clogged with traffic for large tiles. More than compacted gravel or above the square of concrete sits a layer of 4 cm of dry sand, called bed paving.

After completing the installation paving on top of the sand in the joints will sprinkle very Fine. Then sweep paved surface. Finally, the joints will be filled with mortar.