Methods for cleaning the pool

You will need patience, skill and a series of specific tools such activities. These include brush walls, deep net, mesh sponge or brush the surface and swimming pool.

The first operation is to clean the water surface. With net surface you can collect all the impurities that float on water. Surely some of them were deposited at the bottom of the pool. Here comes deep place that will help you “catch” impurities. After cleaning the surface, you have to go clean the pool walls. Water line stripe is mainly due to dust, dirt and oils, to the walls of the pool. A special detergent solve this problem. If you have a pool liner, you must use a sponge, and if pools ceramic tiles, brush.

Brushing is very important for keeping the pool layout and otherwise may appear stains, dirt or algae.
Here’s a tip: If twice a week you brush the walls and bottom of the pool for 15 minutes you will save time weekly cleaning.
Remember, the pool should be vacuumed at least once a week.
If the wind knocked need to make this operation more often.