How to arrange the room for a boy ?

Two years have passed and only now I took the courage to arrange his room. Given that it is a boy, quite energetic and probably after the next two years the room will need to be renovated again.


Chamber a child aged 2 years did not require many special effects of color, design and functionality. It lable to optimize space by creating as much playground centrally to be inventive in colors not least to your account the personality of your child.

I recommend you use a locker as small clothes, but with a specific design, body storage for toys and part of the same collection or same color as the crib.


We had some challenges with kids who do not want to sleep at the time to be, so I suggest some lamps vigil light as quietly for the night, in a form playful and a cheerful color, you can fill with a curtain semi-transparent canopy that covers the entire bed, for he will be a hiding nice that it will definitely attract, especially if you buy a lingerie strong colors and more prints.


The walls should be no doubt dressed as funny; try a mirror that creates images misshapen some stickers cute flower or cartoon, or if the budget is reduced can paint the entire room in vertical stripes and orizonatle intersected in different colors, so the effect is guaranteed.


The playground will always be the center of the room so do not forget to buy a wool carpet, pretty thick, but most importantly be very dense tissue knotted to retain powdered and obviously not very colorful. You can let loose for toys like Lego, cars etc or you can already get it used to the position of sitting, there are many arrangements sympathetic with tables and chairs in miniature.


The environment created in photos Article is fully realized with products from Ikea, there are some range of products that last a lifetime (not wood) but definitely will successfully cope with a period of 4-5 years, only suitable until the next fitting.


Dargele my moms do not forget that the environment in which the child vostruisi develop personality will stimulate future skills chromatic perception of beauty and last but not least the human senses.