How important are the elements of decor ?

Elements of décor in a house are just as important as the ornament of a cake, without them everything seems dull, unattractive and aesthetically banal.


The inland scenery, like furniture, also have their functionality and role strictly for the intended space. Not every mirror in the living room and do not fit any bedroom floor lamp light correctly. So be they simple décor items vases or wall ornaments are divided according to where they are placed. We will try to recommend some suggestions accessory to help space in highlighting strengths and disguise any small mistakes construction or finish.


Entering a house or villa on the ground or apartment has a role important, except that it is the first place that viewing access to space but also creates the first object spotted dj chromatic status, aesthetics and comfort.


What do you recommend?


The apartment front door on the outside to be metal-free interior decors applied and the rest wood panel interior doors. In contrast to home recommend a door in solid wood with one or two young in glass printer, sweet potatoes and hardware as imposing wrought iron or brass.


The entrance hall is often as such narrow position a larger mirror with a frame detail and massive. It is inevitably a mini dressing or hanger so try to purchase clothing items and shoes to hide, nothing to view. A very chic dcor console that is usually put a painting leaning against a vase of flowers or some frames, racks and threw the car keys. Try to incorporate input pressure in either tiles or parquet flooring, so there is no mobile phone has a completely different look and is more practical. Avoid the beams or floor mats all lined lobby.


The kitchen although it is a personal space where all guests will receive, and it can be accessorized considering suggestions positioning simple. The composition of either modern or classic kitchen must have appliances in the same game, or at least similar finish. In the same ide harmonizes and sink battery, plinth and-sight. We tend to use tile portion of the suspended bodies and base station on storage space, with various bars and Hooks kitchen utensils, spice jars, kitchen towel, gloves etc. If you choose this option use the same range or color support (stainless steel, wrought iron, plastic colorant) and the jars avoid prints with flowers or name (salt, pepper, etc.) but use a wide transparency that allows you to see what is inside. The kitchen worktop must be as free. Items such as toaster, blender, be stored only is the coffee that may remain, but it must complete chromatic environment. I propose that modern trends using the space between bodies liking it with stainless steel foil that has a role in reflecting light; a decorative stone in relief, pointless; Stamped metal plates in the wall caught on rod and many more that have a strictly decorative effect without the suspended nothing on them and thus become an attraction and your kitchen will not suggest elements that make up their habits. Breackfast table positioned over a suggestive picture, some naproane metal candlestick and vase with flowers. Kitchen window and it must ennoble as a curtain, so I suggest a pattern of silk threads, roller printed fabric roman blind or folding folds.


living room. We could talk about it in at least 10 articles as are many situations subdivision and functionality and they directly influence decoration. But as general elements suggest you to focus on maximum viewing area; for example if you have a wall wider, taller or first shown to an entrance try to remove it out through a wallpaper, some panels vegetable plants sterilized, an electric fireplace flush, a huge painting or print Custom screen printing. Place the TV on this wall and did not charge type library parts, a body of 50 cm max storage compartment drawers CDs / DVDs sufficient. The carpet in front of the sofa is important and usually are acquired from a color table that sits opposite color on it. The sofa must have many decorative pillows and perhaps a blanket corner / arm colors in the same color with the entire living room but maybe a few other more powerful impact.


The curtains also have an aesthetic role primarily because the entire space, but pay attention to how the suspension (rail, gallery) and grip (on rejansa, the pliers, the bar) so you do not look sloppy achieved. Avoid small pots and many carriers opt for as high (minimum 70 cm) forms more simple, more neutral colors and rich plants. There they were never spelled small accessories to pile on a shelf positioned even if the crystal; a frame large, a set of three vases identical asserting a clock leaning against a frame empty elements perfect for a relaxing uncluttered, easy to maintain and current trends.


The bedroom is if the staff definitely the most relaxing place in the house and you have to think as such. The bed accessorized within various decorative quilts and pillows and drapery set with curtain. When compose curtain opt for a blackout, a strip of material perfectly opaque that can not pass any sunshine, the rule is positioned behind the curtain, not seen but highly practical especially if the front glass d -voastra there any lamp or light commercial. Flooring, carpet pile is the best solution in terms of comfort, but you can opt for carpet side of the bed, obviously in color camera and with inserts of leather or silk.


bedside-table can sustain some lamps very high with lampshades as far away as pillows or if you apply over the bed then you can opt for a watch, a frame, a vase more special. Above the bed slats can put a painting, a mirror or a very interesting wallpaper. An ide as a fireplace in front of the bed, and thus remove the TV from the bedroom anyway is not indicated.


Remember that great performance in the design of interior and stylistic innovations fail to reach the highest peaks due to your needs, Renew your lifestyle, conviviality, balance aesthetic and practical.


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