There gardener, more skilled or just starting out on the road, which has not been struck by two major problems: what to do with plants that do not support winter frosts and second, how could it have a garden in the middle of green-January.

The solution that emerges is building a greenhouse. Beware, though, few details.

For example, although it can be beautiful in itself, emissions can not sit anywhere! Must have a place both in terms of natural light, and the harmonization with the aesthetics of the place. The ideal orientation is east-west axis.

If you want a house gases cleave , you really need to sit down south in the kitchen or living room extension but beware of over heating the summer! In addition, you must have water and electricity at hand.

As for size , you must consider how you develop your passion for plants. Either way, though, better make a greenhouse larger than opt for one mignon, which, then, to enlarge. It’s expensive to change something, than to do properly the first time.

And regarding building materials , in principle, you can choose between wood, iron and PVC . Each has strengths and disadvantages. The wood is environmentally friendly and nice, but it’s also the most sensitive to greenhouse conditions. Therefore no surprise nobody that PVC is gaining serious …