Geometric games

The first step was changing the flat organization and sketching lines which made simple colors create contrasting games. Relating kitchen doors were closed and access to the bedroom and living room was reconfigured on the line oblique frame by cutting the corner walls. For the rest area to be better protected solution was chosen mounting a door made of a material superior soundproof. And here the arrangement is simple.

Given that in living areas have either removed the doors and walls of afferent (in the kitchen) or the walls were extensively boards (in the living room) was performed ambience fluid, relaxed, whilst preserving a modern touch. The furniture has been made in most of the command, in a unitary color. In the living room stands a set design that combines modern geometric lines of storage furniture inspired by exotic accessories. Same colors white, gray, black, can be found in the kitchen area.

It was so inspirational to a minimalist ambience, precise and practice appropriate a single. Fireworks at the games created geometric floor masonry and gives dynamism and combines perfectly with rigor and sobriety color frames.