Installing flooring

Depending on the destination room, wood species and beneficiary preferences, tabs flooring can be installed in various styles so that they make drawings, as a result of the arrangement.
Style “fish scales” arrangement requires each blade to 90 degrees so to join the end of one long side of the other.
English style – blade assembly is in their lengthwise, parallel to the walls or on the direction of the light source ( preferably that blurs joints) or diagonally. When the light falls transverse installation starts at the door.
Mounting strip parquet and strip “makes the area to differentiate geometric perimeter of the center, making the delineation of elements arranged in a strip between various figures.
Style “square” involves joining a number of blades, alternating the arrangement vertically, horizontally and diagonally.
mounting accessories: l = 2750mm plinth
PVC foil bubble g = 3 mm. film takes any uneven subfloor and acts insulator (can be mounted on the linoleum);
special parquet adhesive, sealants and varnishes;
thresholds Closing items are optional.