FAQs for fireplaces / chimney

1. How much heat do I need a room / house?

For a height of 2.4 m Need 60-70 W / m.

2. What kind of fireplace I need?

It depends on:

– size of the house;

– insulation of the house;

– design house.

3. Not getting heat from the fireplace. What’s wrong with him?

Possible causes:

– quality of wood (moisture must be around 20%);

– chimney is too high (we print run very high);

– Operating errors (read the manual for operating instructions);

– construction of the house (insulation, ceiling height);

– the fireplace is too small.

4. Why do I smoke in the room?

Possible causes:

– Quality: Wood with high moisture can cause more smoke;

– systems such as air conditioning or fans in bathrooms and kitchens can take the necessary air from the chimney. In these cases must be vented fireplace;

– Operating errors: always open air control regulator and mainly before the outbreak recharge fireplace.

5. It can turn an old fireplace, hearth open, in a more effective and safe to use?

This can using a hotbed special will be introduced in the old fireplace.

6. My fireplace has a short burn time. Why?


Possible reasons:

a. Charges wood;

– larger pieces of wood will burn for longer than smaller ones.

– Use hard wood that has been cut and kept in place dried for 12 months.

b. Air flow too strong to Cart, which offers insufficient combustion;

c. Operating errors.

– When you have strong flame in the fireplace, the primary air control should be adjusted slightly toward the closed position.