Build the perfect house

Not only the building itself is difficult and expensive, but also finishing and interior.

If you have no money to complete everything you have proposed, do not despair and do not rush to buy building materials of questionable quality or furniture just to finish faster.

What you’ve got to buy thinking that produced temporarily until you manage to take something better will remain definitive.

Better wait than to waste money.

If you have a good plan in place, in just five years you have owned a house perfect.

Start through open an account savings and loan, which has him food every month.

For the state supports them, those who put money aside to renovate / build / amenjat a home, with 25% of the amount saved, but no more than 250 euros (equivalent in lei), it’s good to know you can create accounts saving for all family members.

At the end of the contract, you will have about half the demand for housing construction. It will be made up of the amount saved plus interest of 3% per year, plus the state.

The difference of 40/45/50% (depending on which version of the contract chosen) of the amount you need, you can take to the bank as a very attractive short-term credit.

With a fixed interest rate of only 5-6% it can be repaid in 5 years or even longer quickly, without penalty for prepayment.

Enjoy your house faster than you wanted!