Appartment decorated in a classic style

The arrangement is distinguished by details daring and unique furniture, which gives a pleasant feeling of peace and relaxation.

When you have decided to buy a house according to their wish, the owners of this home have decided to buy an apartment in a neighborhood high profile.

This is the three rooms and total area of ​​108 sqm. The owners wanted a comfortable, modern, furnished with style, they feel this hand a professional decorator, therefore appealed Laun designer. After they talked together and say what they want for their home, they have provided freedom of choice of designer.

The apartment was bought with all the finishes made and equipped bathrooms, the furniture, colors and details are dealing decorator. While some people dislike contemporary style decorations, because they feel cold, dry, home decorator believes that he brings a fresh, and interesting urban dwelling. Mostly are elements that characterize my style design approach. I started from the idea of ​​an intimate atmosphere, comfortable, modern technology and furniture, but classical in form and aesthetics, explains the designer.

Accessories are very important in decorating a house, that transmit messages are not just decorative items. No planning is not whole without accessories, so the designer has put great emphasis on precious details that give the apartment an elegance and refinement. The entrance area is an open space, there being arranged living and recreation space of the house with sofa, coffee table and corner multimedia, kitchen, and their continuation dining area.

The arrangement of the living room is a demonstration of artistic spirit of the decorator, who did a mix succeed in the furniture and paintings – own creation, which assigns originality room. Emphasis is placed on lampposts decorated with silk embroidery and applications, which in form and detail creates a decorative ceiling and lights in multiple colors and directions. furniture is handmade largely solid wood sofa, carpet and bed are leather, fabrics are natural materials in, organza, silk and paintings on canvas in acrylic are the creation of designer .

The providers are varied, most import at a high level of design and finish. For cooking has been tiled, gave the designer the opportunity to give this space a air most modern and practical using a panel of stainless steel, consistent with appliances that are of the same material.

To take advantage of mobility enough space in the room, they were removed certain items of furniture, thus, the apartment has not uploaded spaces. In bedroom, decorative motifs used in shaping an environment colonial style. to create the sensation of bright room, using gray in combination with gold, ocher, cream and shades of turquoise blue, it prints a pleasant feeling of peace and relaxation.

bedroom Guest is decorated in classic style updated, modern, decorated with special ornaments. To create the impression of old furniture, it was painted with silver foil and hardware processed. Arrangements are balanced homemade classical decorative elements are combined with modern elements in warm tones. This created an intimate, soothing, welcoming atmosphere. To emphasize the calm and privacy of home, decorator of that particular unit surfaces. contrasting colors have been avoided, in garish tones and large drawings tiring.