Apartment with metallic glints

They wanted their new home to be located close to the former residence. On their way to the residential complex, the owners saw the sale announcement posted on a  house with three levels and were immediately interested in it. So they came to purchase one of the three apartments of the house, Spurred by the reaction of the little Caesar, who, from the first visit, exclaimed This is my house.

Our hosts have bought apartment gray and did not want to benefit from manufacturer finishing (who lives on the upper level), but they decided to do the furnishings by their own personal preference. Being passionate about interior decoration, they bought magazines and visited profileexhibitions long before buying the house. The decision proved to be very inspired Given that one company has supplied the majority of finishes for housing, as well as information about other companies that could work.

Parquetry was first purchased item. In view of Ms, they must be lighter and have visible wood grain. For this reason, opted for a natural wood flooring laminate (for hardwood flooring, joints would not be did as well).

The owners knew from the beginning that he did not want a house with white walls, so were oriented decorative walls. decorative profiles and elegant wallpaper in the living room and bedroom, made available had this role. But because the arrangement to be truly refined but original and they auales paint with flashes of metal (metal-CRIL) to cover the remaining walls.

The purchased curtains textures and colors match the walls. Luminaires are from Venezia Luce and also propose a precious look (the bedroom is covered with silver foil, and the living room is decorated with glass Murrano).

The arrangement went very good. Like everything came to meet us, like the owners told us.