An apartment focused on comfort

Beneficiaries wanted a contemporary interior, comfortable and elegant and they knew from the start who should call in this regard.

The apartment was chosen based on several criteria: surface, the opportunity to make some changes, the age of the building and, not least, the location.

From the beginning I -I wanted to be open kitchen and the bathroom and the bedroom have generous dimensions. However, although not available in the initial structure of the apartment, were obtained following changes.

Basically, the current kitchen includes its space originally kitchen, bathroom service, pantry and closet. By cutting off the walls that delimited these functions, the result is a spacious kitchen, communicating, as I wanted, with the living.

The master bedroom has become larger after the dismantling of the wall that separates the living room and after using a portion of the living room area to create a niche in the bedroom, dressing hosting. Also for the bedroom balcony it was built in camera area. And the main bathroom has been enlarged by incorporating a small part of space which I was for the second bedroom.

Following these changes, the apartment has got configuration that I wanted, and some rooms (those of interest to me) became more spacious. The arrangement lasted about four months and went very smoothly. The furniture, carpets, lighting and even ceramic tiles were purchased from the same store, which relieved us more decorative approach. We have consulted with architect about every detail. For example, she advised us which model to choose wallpaper for the bedroom and where exactly to place the decorations that we acquired for the interior to be balanced and within our expectations. Had inserted in decor and other items such as paintings and plants, because I like very much.
We put great emphasis on comfort, utilitatesi on achieving a warm and welcoming. So, basically, they were the criteria that have guided the planning and decoration.

From the beginning we asked Alina a particular register in which to frame the entire house, and colors namely pleasant, restful, without unnecessary flashy and extravagant. If the furniture selection process went something like this: usually we choose several variants of furniture and take a final decision with the architect. The bathroom was totally Her idea (a gorgeous bathroom in our opinion).

We love, of course, the whole house and nesimtimminunat any part of them. I particularly like the kitchen, although I did not stay too much time in it, and the bedroom is exactly what we wanted.