An apartment like a sailing ship

Located on the 6th floor of a new building, it consists of some service spaces usually located on the top floor and a gazebo later to enlarge the space.


The proportion is about 50-50%, between the closed and the glazed , for which living area is almost entirely about outside. Just this rare here, even sila new constructions led to seeking a solution original fltrare light.


The result: the interior looks like a sail that seems to float above the city.


For delimitation were widely used curtains floss and a specially built bar in continuing cuisine. Most of the decorative objects were purchased in Turkey because the owner is in love with this country. Smell Oriental is increased and drawings on the walls.


The bedroom is a deep red and has a special bed with canopy – made course in order.


It is a house decorated with a reasonable budget, things neat, a good example for those who want to get something effect without investing too much money.