A small space and very nice

Here is an example in which a beautiful arrangement does not require large spaces and expensive things, but good taste, practicality and innovation.

Situated in a central area, in a villa imposing, dwelling image surprised me very pleasantly first steps inside, by organizing extremely high efficiency of the (only) 63 square meters and the atmosphere that suggests rather a Parisian interior than one usually met in the city.

I think it’s a good example of planning for any of us because, although it is a grand building from the 40s, the space is approximately equal to that of an ordinary apartment block, two rooms. We moved here from a villa because of the fact that there quality of life decrease day by day. Traffic jams endless unresolved key issues sewers, alleys too narrow, dust, noise, electrical system unsuited to current conditions etc. They forced us to think seriously about a change.

For many, our decision seemed strange to them: do not understand how I could let a spacious villa for a studio a little larger than a common one. Our commitment, however, was taken: I gave the space (and the residential area Pipera) on comfort and quality.

When I first saw this place looks desolate: it was full of garbage, apparently dark and totally unfriendly. In addition, he had the disadvantage that he was not divided in the way we are accustomed, ie two rooms, kitchen, bathroom etc. We were excited about the challenge of decorating a space atypical. In this regard, I turned to two designers who set her eyes for a while.

The first thing settled together was sharing space.

Living room and bedroom have returned about 25 square meters, the remaining space is divided between the kitchen, bathroom and dressing.

Since the bedroom itself is very small, we opted for the delimitation of areas with the help of shelves bought at IKEA, which (on the from the bedroom) were mounted horizontal blinds. Thus, the narrow space becomes suffocating. In addition, if required, it can be isolated by simply handling the blinds. In the bedroom, the effect scenography is given by the headboard, made of iron finish vintage and copper color, quality bedding and veiozele graceful, with lampshades gold.

In the living room, alternating textures very different (stone in contradiction with fluffy textiles) and the use of warm colors on a white gold basis, have had a warm and welcoming without any shade of banality. Products are purchased from companies more than affordable IKEA.

The kitchen is near the apartment entrance, so there was no detail left to chance. Specifically, it needs to impress and be able to suggest the atmosphere throughout the house, without being practically forgotten but her role. For continuity, the basic colors of living are found here. In addition, there are clear details that round out the air and slightly retro Parisian atmosphere desired owners. We really enjoyed working on this project. Most clients can imagine that very difficult to reach such an outcome. Others do not have the courage to opt for new solutions never seen elsewhere, or are afraid of sophisticated interiors. Imagine that solving these problems will cost very much. But here I found openness, confidence and the right attitude for such a project. In conclusion, a bold plan, it has succeeded fully.