A french decor

Together with a team of collaborators, the designer created a space in the French style.

The apartment benefit from city views exceptional, which is required harnessed through the modern tendency to feel the pulse of urban and owner allowed the free inspiration of the designer. The apartment has undergone changes repartitioning, but style arrangement was changed.

If initially the house had an air focused on modernity and dynamism after redevelopment, relaxation and naturalness French style, punctuated by more trendy print a relaxed atmosphere with a touch of cosmopolitan home.

Mixing modern classic appears in the daytime by using refined finishes and a massive furniture, almost minimalist. Windows and doors high, paneled and boxes flirtatious, were painted in a shade similar to wallpaper applied to the walls (gray-beige) and for the upholstery of the entrance door was chosen silky white material picky but refined and decorative.

The kitchen with dining area’s natural continue, which opens a cozy lounge, well punctuated by trendy decorative accents. Massive furniture was commissioned (as luminaires) in Belgium, primarily due patina finish, and special configurations with 3 Type library. Dining table (for 8 people) is massive and has a stylish replica on round the salon. Tapetula was elected thanks to the Baroque and the fact that it remains sober and refined.