A 100 year old house converted

The story house is an interesting one, especially because, in fact, is over 100 years old. The owners came to us and said they inherited an old house and they want to change it.

In fact, wanted to make a home more rooted in daily life, but not to give up the old. Many people had decided to demolish everything old to pick up something new but have inherited home owner sentimental significance, which have many memories of that place.

Much of childhood and- he spent there, and now have the opportunity to wear these memories in a new, explained the designer who was in charge of renovating the house and decorating it. They say it’s harder to rebuild than to build.

Although those who were busy restoring the house say it’s not hard anything, say it was much easier to build from the foundation. I demolished the entire house, but we restructured different areas.

The house had one level, but we attic one, thus obtinnd more space. It was the desire of owners: dispose of more space. Many years have lived in an apartment building and had no space for them and their two children. And them we paid attention because children should take place to play, to have their rooms and, like all family members to dispose of intimacy, explained the designer.

House The initial round have some form of a bay. Not to give it up because it enlivens the facade, shapes and gives a charm. To potency charm and to put it further out, the area was covered with natural stone.