What plants can survive-outside during the winter?

I would like to see green in the yard when it’s cold outside. But that has only a small area on the station garden, potted plants interests me. In this regard, I would like to know what kind of plants you can put in a pot and stand outside in winter.

Some are even garden plants that can ceste in the vessel, thus explaining resistance to low temperatures over the winter. Hortensia is a plant that adapts well to pot and is quite impressive in a wooden bowl.

This, although it can be left outside during the winter, it loses its leaves, but which return spring. Conifers such as Thuile or Chamaechiparis are recommended to increase the pot and resist very well in these conditions. Pottery decorations are usually suitable for them. Just make sure that water does not balteasca in pot, because the roots are easily suffocated.

Location in bright areas allow a harmonious development of the crown. By cutting even decorative forms may be obtained and plant can be maintained at the desired size. Juniper can be planted at the dish and allowed to flow over the edges. Low heights pots are best.

Ilex mahogany and sizes suitable for vessels more generous, generally over 50 l adulthood.