We built a waterfall over the garage

The beneficiaries, who recently had moved to the house in a residential neighborhood, wanted to design the small field behind the house, a garage for the car, and a garden.

As the Court does not have a too generous surface, building a garage eliminate any possibility to create in the space a pleasant seating area. Our proposal was to raise the garage, however now after the garden was arranged with a high waterfall, obscuring vision unsightly concrete construction.
In the first phase, we have built a strong wall, concrete , to support land bank, and I realized waterfall pool. Then I brought over 1,000 m of land with which we raised a real hill above and behind the garage. To plant trees and grass on the escarpment mentioned, but also to stabilize the land, we needed a huge layer of gravel natural drainage. Specifically, I resorted to large slabs to create a waterfall exciting, authentic.
I finally covered with a carpet of grass hill and around the falls we planted trees, bushes and other species loving water.
On both sides of the falls we made two stone walkways, to climb up above the artificial construction, where the owners have a beautiful view over the house and garden.
The difficult part of this work was walking distance of the house. As such, we’ve created a powerful valley, emphasizing the height of the waterfall.