Vegetation at the base of trees or not ?

Most people who have orchards, even small maintenance using this process.

It is okay if you do not exist or vegetation at the base of trees. In orchards production, most often water availability conditions the choice of one of the systems. Regarding small or medium gardens, where owners choose to establish and orchard, how the soil is maintained you just preference. Most commonly used maintenance mode in which an area of ​​ 40-60 cm around the torso is kept without grass.

The reason is that grass would take in water tree needed and would consume the nutrients that you can use the tree. In reality, the situation is a little different. In a Private Garden, water management is not a problem, so it goes a struggle for it between plants.

This turf ensure high humidity during periods of high temperatures at ground level, while a Fallow ground easily lose water by evaporation from the surface. Regarding competition for nutrients in the soil is good to know that the two plants explores different depths in the soil for food gathering. The grass searching for food in the surface layer, and trees can seek greater depths.

Last but not least, even the grass mowed can be by breaking an excellent fertilizer that can be used both for grass cat and trees.