Tips for setting up small gardens

Moreover, very important is choosing plants because they must have a certain height, not expand much.

Gardens thumbnail is shown to be arranged not in straight lines, as very Many people proceed, but not curved, irregular. Flower beds, sinuous lines created by dwarf shrubs, aranjamenete the pots are just some of the secrets of a successful design. In this way it was designed a garden in Timisoara. Because the owner really loves plants and do not have much space to put every window of the house jardiniere. Moreover, because they are very busy, the owners have enlisted the help mucate pots with different colors. The garden was decorated by a company specializing in landscape design.

When we are asked to decorate a garden, take into account soil, its humidity, the way the sun hits. In this case, we have a garden without sun, so the plants chosen were some who love the shade. Predominant yew and Buxus. Color spots we obtained using annual plants. I chose geraniums because the owner loves them very much. Although they come in a wide range of colors, I preferred the red. Together we put petunias and some corners of the garden, Erika. How space is not large, I enlisted the help of wrought iron supports which have found their pots. It is a variant practice because if the owner wants to change the colors of the garden or want to change the type of flowers, you just need to replace these pots with new ones, explained designer Corina Saftescu, who offered tips very helpful in arranging garden.

All around the fence were planted shrubs title. In those areas it was put gravel and decorative pots from place to place. In the middle of the garden was laid turf. Because the owners have two children, they thought about their joy of playing outdoors and were placed in the yard a wood and plastic slide. They found an ingenious solution, but to add more colors in the garden pansies planted under the slide in different shades. And the garden should think like houses, that have optimized its space. Small gardens are a challenge for the designer because he has to make the most form field, which very often is irregular. Also, because in fewer plants, can choose some more expensive, higher quality, Saftescu Corina explained. If the backyard is shaded most of the front face is bathed in sunlight. For this part we chose to stand in the sun plants. We conducted a combination of persistent leaf shrubs and conifers. The ground was covered with colored gravel, and in this area were planted lavender and Erika told us Corina Saftescu.

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