The clay is beneficial for plants

The clay is done granules have a high capacity for absorption of water, thus helping to retain a longer period of water.

soaking the water when it is wet, they release water more slowly than simple evaporation. The aid of these granules is welcome in situations where plants can be watered every lower by the owner or in periods of excessive heat, when water is lost faster.

clay granules can be placed in the pot plate, which can be watered directly. But there are other ways to water plants can provide a longer period. You can use pieces of bark, placed in the plate pot that waterlogged, will gradually release.

It may take a combination of aesthetics two vessels at the plant entered in one diameter higher with granules or bark at baza.Folosind same method vessels, can achieve a reserve of water for the plant by using gravel. These methods have the advantage that releases no harmful elements for plants, the natural or chemically inert.