Plants suitable for hall and kitchen

Hall or entrance area is an area of ​​transit, often imposed by the narrow. Not ignore the fact that here we can lighten the mood, making the room more inviting with plants such as Aspidistra elatior, Cissus antarctica, Clivia miniata, Hedera helix and Sansevieria trifasciata.

These are not susceptible plants, resist low light and air currents created by direct communication with the outside of the house.

Kitchen is a room suffering sudden changes in temperature, but unlike the bathroom, offers more more light and less humidity in the atmosphere.

Here, the whole family can enjoy this flower, and they can create a pleasant environment for daily activities.

Plants should not disturb residents during activities, and the leaves should be removed more often impurities than other rooms because of deposition films greasy or sticky.

Suitable plants in the kitchen are: Begonia rex, Coleus blumei , Epipremnum Aureum, Hedera helix, Impatiens Wallerian, Saintpaulia, Scindapsus aureus, Tradescantia fluminensis, Zebrina clock.