ROCAR – organic garden of the future

The scenery is very beautiful, alpine plants that creeps among stones can be achieved only through a refined design, combined with hard work and high qualification.

A ROCAR must be primarily a natural look. Stones and gravel provide exciting environment for plants in bloom. Both in terms of alignment, and chromatic, sharp grass going great oval stones, colored stones and limestone plants.

Also, planting can be also planned. For example, climbing plants need more space, so in time to cover the rocks around them. There are some basic rules to be followed, among which the stones using the same type and construction of sloping.

Irrigation is another serious problem in the gardens economy. To save water, a resource becoming more precious, it is very important that the chosen vegetation is adapted to the climate zone they are in the garden.

Organic garden is a garden to be used instead of synthetic chemicals (fertilizers), organic fertilizers, compost and entering category in mranita. Everything is organic and garden trying to use rainwater collected in underground retention basins.