Preparing Your Garden for Winter

With the approach of winter and thus with decreasing temperature, the plants enter their dormant period. Although, apparently, work in the garden has ceased, many phenomena happening at ground level until it freezes. Trees, perennial flowers that have been divided, plant spring bulbs, all are developing new roots from the soil and extract nutrients and water. Some creatures in the soil still processing organic material found in reduced amounts of fertilizer now that I managed during spring. Now it is very important to realize once fertilization (basic) with organic fertilizer (manure) and (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) in larger quantities. These activities will give a new face our garden: it will be fully prepared to welcome the winter holidays!

Cut the stems tops of perennials to the ground after the first frost.
Gather dried plant parts and make of them natural fertilizer for your garden.
Remove diseased foliage of evergreen plants and throw it in the trash. Rake and dispose of old fertilizer, disease carriers.