Preparing Roses for Winter

before the first frosts, the underground part of the plant must be protected better. This is done usually by earthing up.


Need dry land and well graded (just one in anthill of a book), lacking roots of weeds or trash (excluded manure even two years old!).


With a mattocks, collect soil around the roots of the plant carefully, taking great care not to touch the bark rose. The top of the mound should be somewhere at 20-30 cm, possibly encompassing and bottom of the first branches.


Some gardeners use instead of soil, fallen leaves from healthy trees (which did were attacked by pests). In this case it has built a kind of corral to keep the leaves in the same position throughout the entire winter.


It is customary, at the same time hilling, to make and shortening branches. Experience shows, however, that the plant becomes more vulnerable to cold and can freeze completely. Much safer is to link the branches too long (possibly supported them with a tribute), if you mind, and in the spring to cut sides compromised.


The roses type shrub, becoming more prevalent Romania gardens, they need additional care. In their case, and the airline is sensitive to cold, so must be protected. The most used method is wrapping bags, indicating that you must avoid condensation (ie, to ventilate the plant).