My croton lose its leaves

Foliage is what makes this plant one extraordinarily distinguished by decorative plants.

The variety of colors and shapes that are found on the leaves of Croton is wonderful, with both more ct no two leaves of the same plant. Although it is a plant that likes to indulge in full sun, still needs stronger light intensity for a few hours a day to form decorative colors on the leaves.

In the absence of strong light, yet sufficient, the leaves are more evenly colored, and their form is much more similar. Inct orientation so at sunset to enjoy a few hours of light should be sufficient.

At temperatures below 12EC, croton lose its leaves. With the submission of the VRF foliage is normal older leaves at the base to detach, lasnd ago lemnificata bare stem. In this case, it can rejuvenate the plants by cuttings or layering.

must be about 15 cm and be taken from the terminal part of the plant. You have to keep in mind that this operation wear gloves to protect your latex plant, avoiding the contact with the mouth, nose or eyes. Planting cuttings is done at a temperature 22-25EC using a mixture of peat and sand that is kept constantly moist.