Mini – orchid , new star

The exhibitors at the fair in Frankfurt have prepared, as every year, arrangements that express the latest trends in the art of floristry.

The proposals were varied both in style and as a species flowers and plants used to meet all tastes and requirements. Still, some trends were noted general. One could say that the latest occurrence is mini orchid potted (more expensive than other flowers, but in high demand for the delicacy them).

This, in combination with natural decor elements, such as tree branches, which are widely used in the spring arrangements, provide a touch elegant interiors. Another current trend is to use different colored vegetable sponge not only simple props, but also as decorative accessories. At Frankfurt could be seen various arrangements in which sponges played a leading role, thanks to strong colors, shapes played and various decorations.

The designers proposed various unconventional solutions to decorate more original bouquets: Petals sewn flowers, feathers and natural feathers, sugar glazed etc. Sometimes these elements suggest arrangements affiliation to a particular season. For example, flakes or icing sugar refer the winter, while Gourds yellow’m thinking about the fall.

And Chapter arrangements and bouquets for weddings is observed change in trend. Thus, in 2009, it is predominantly used (claw falcon or lily of Malabar), a plant native to the African jungle, highly sophisticated, and expensive.