Parrots: a lively and fun company

Parrots are some talkative companions, very nice, very attentive to everything that happens around them, eager for affection, sometimes possessive and jealous, but always fun. There are several species of parrots, the largest, Ara blue-violet, which reach one meter in length, up to corrugated parakeets.

The cage is bought according to the size of the future or future residents. Must be fitted with horizontal bars bird may rest, bowl of water, food and sand. Because parrots are bored, it is advisable to put a toy in the cage. The cage is placed in a location away from drafts, direct sunlight from sources of heat, stove, oven, moisture, strong noise sources.

In terms of nutrition, there are mixtures of seeds ready prepared for each species and age in stores. Vitamin bars are very good in that bird Literally, nibble with pleasure.