Lakeside garden

Located on the shores of a lake, the house was built 10 years ago, in Mediterranean style. The garden, designed all the time, does not fall in the same style as the house, which is why, four years ago, the owners decided to refurbish it. To this end, they turned to Virgil Isacescu landscape architect, who took care of her new decor. Although its surface is not very high, the architect has used every centimeter crend ​​green areas covered with grass, shrubs PLCs, rock gardens and waterfalls, beautiful paved walkways and seating areas furnished with comfortable seating. 

Recently, the green area, corresponding to the house was extensive and impressive wine cellar hosts, whose entrance is hidden by a waterfall. It was built by Ren Silagy, who was in charge of building the house and other projects of the family.

Relaxing on the lake

The view and coolness of the lake offered are not neglected, so the landscape architect foresaw the garden with several recreation areas located on the waterfront. They compensate terraces of the house and continues the rustic décor, Mediterranean-inspired thereof. There are special wood for decking plated and equipped with furniture made from exotic wood braids, which provide all the comfort family and any guests. One of the terraces has a large space that can easily accommodate an outdoor party.
Also near water is a medium-sized swimming pool, which completes the recreational function of the garden.

in love beautiful
Passionate about art and beauty, Gilda denies them not even then when it comes to planning the garden. She took over the architectural theme of the house and transposed to the garden in a consistent and comforting decor, sprinkled with personal details.