Indoor garden , source of relaxation

At some point, however, it no longer have room for them, and then, if space allows, they arranged a special place, as did the images of the greenhouse owners.

Here I live in the yard all summer and enjoying nature, flowers and plants in your own garden. When it start to install winter but they have to move the pots with plants in the house, which is not too pleasant. All rooms are filled with pots, but also moisture and dirt from dried leaves. For these reasons, our hosts took the decision to close the large terrace upstairs and turn it into a kind of plant nursery. It followed it with furniture seating arrangement of woven rattan and pots handmade by craftsmen. Otherwise, the flowers and plants of all kinds are masters of the place.

sitting on the windowsill, in specially designed racks or simply on the floor, ferns, roses Japanese leandrii, growth and bradutii home decor items are true. In addition, the space can be used for relaxation.