Ikebana handy

The ikebana composition are often used leafless stems and branches, sticks and leaves with a great silhouette.

Steps to achieve an arrangement ikebana ( 30-40 min):

  1. choice of flowers and leaves to be used in this floral arrangement orchids, chrysanthemum white, red tros, gypsophila, leaves or any other leaves Strom you like.
  2. Prepare necessary materials: a ceramic pot, a piece of vegetable sponge, a knife and scissors.
  3. Vegetable sponge is cut and secured in ceramic pot. If there are gaps, they complement the pieces left.
  4. Flowers are fixed starting from the center to the periphery. They are always cut obliquely in order to absorb water from the vegetable sponge. After being shaped and cut to size, TROS sits in the center.
  5. The three strands of orchid cut obliquely and is positioned as follows: two wires at opposite corners and the third asymmetrical the other two, so that together form a triangle.
  6. Chrysanthemums are cleaned of leaves, in order not to unnecessarily volume arrangement. Next, cut each bunch, including buds, then spread evenly. The same is done with gypsophila, which will complete all the gaps arrangement from the center out.
  7. Chromium leaves of orchids sits under wires to give length arrangement. The other two leaves are positioned perpendicular to the rear, and stapled so as to have a straight line to highlight the tros thread.