Holiday blossom

The winter holidays offer countless opportunities to acquire or make such arrangements, here are some suggestions.
Whether you opt for simple bouquets , placed in pots, or elaborate arrangements, these are ornaments of great effect. Ideally, you should choose them in tune with table arrangement (dishes, tablecloth, cutlery, napkins).


Floral decors that will adorn the Christmas table can contain traditional fir branches, globes and candles or be slightly nonconformist, made from other combinations of herbs, natural or not. It is important to express the specific spirit of the holiday.
Whatever the preferred arrangement, it is very important that it does not hamper the guests. As such, careful not to be too high, to not disrupt the side eye contact.

This year, expert advice, it wants bringing to the fore a merry Christmas, traditional, to remind us of childhood. If last year is wearing a festive decor in black and white, now back in fashion red and white.
And in terms of ornaments is like a throwback in time, a very popular item, besides the classic globes, the mushroom being put in the tree.