Yes a new perfume your garden with Brugmansia

In the garden, the flowers are what attract attention, either because of unusual appearance, color or fragrance live special. Each wants the summer garden to be shrouded in incense intoxicating and Brugmansia is a good choice for perfume and for the appearance of flowers.

The popular name “trumpet-angels” is due to form flowers. Brugmansia popular name shared with another species, Datura, which shows similar flowers. There are a number of differences that may seem insignificant at first glance.

Brugmansia flowers and those of Datura trumpet indeptate are like the sky. Another difference is that Brugmansia shows strains lemnificate while Datura is herbaceous. Both originate from South America and are great lovers of light , so their optimal positioning influences flowering. They are fit and increase in pot indoors where they need a mixture of garden soil, peat and sand. In these conditions, they need fertilizer during the vegetation period from two to three weeks. There are enough nutrient solution is administered by spraying the leaves.