Floral decorative objects

1. Choosing suitable vessel
It is chosen depending on the arrangement and the space in which it is exposed.

2. Securing the support sponge
On about half of the jar fits oasis sponge, following that the other half to put decorative rocks.

3. Moss sponge Masking
To create the impression of natural cover with moss sponge. It is attached by means of clips. Then pour the water into the bowl until close to the stones.

4. Fixing aspidistra leaves
Take three aspidistra leaves and staples for giving them various forms, then stick into oasis. To Gloss sprayed with spray. Near decorative leaves and twigs stick.

5. Arranging roses
Select five red roses and stick into the sponge. For greater reliability, are fastened with staples.

6. Filling arrangement with other flowers
In achieving other arrangement using two types of flowers: dahlias (white) and gerberas (red).

7. The spatial coverage of flowers
The space between is filled with flowers trachelium.

8. Completion of the Arrangement
For the arrangement to acquire the desired shape, it adds two aspidistra leaves and a few leaves Typha.

At high temperatures arrangement can keep about five days. The average temperatures withstand even a week. Price: 170 lei.