Floral arrangements for apartment

The flowers are not arranged randomly in any dish, but make up a bouquet harmoniously balanced in that each flower has its place well established. To obtain arrangements successful, it is necessary to take into account certain principles and rules of proportion, balance, rhythm, the convergence point, contrast, shapes and colors, place items in floral arrangements, choice of carriers and vessels.


issues that arise in art arrangement flowers are similar to those of architecture or sculpture. The flowers should be arranged in three-dimensional arrangements (height, length, width) to be viewed from several angles. A floral arrangement must be balanced in terms of volume, color and aesthetics at the same time. Arranging flowers, materials complemented by a suitable vessel and placing them in a harmonious will ensure arrangements succeed.

The balance is achieved by careful choice of size flowers and leaves, length and position of the branches, clustering colors. Flowers bloom larger and sits at the base of the arrangement, while more delicate buds and flowers, to the top and to the outside. The colors more intense, closed fitted into the center of the arrangement, and the open – to the edge.


The pace is achieved by the movement that we give arrangement by means of branches or curves of rods flowers or greenery, gracefully bowed.


The contrast is achieved by combining shapes and colors contrasting both the flowers and the leaves: the round shapes combine with the forming elongated inflorescences.


The game forms


floral forms can be symmetric and asymmetric. Arrangements are classical symmetrical pyramid (triangle) of different sizes. These arrangements are made in height, giving a touch of sobriety. Arrangements with a round shape give a touch of privacy. By using flowers round shape is accentuated general impression of the assembly.


asymmetrical arrangements are modern and is more difficult, with a highly decorative effect. In this category are the arrangements in the shape of L or the semicircular which Garnish very good corners of rooms or edges of furniture.


In a floral arrangement should be combined carefully flowers different colors. It is preferable not to use more than three primary colors, because the larger the number of colors, the higher equilibrium is reached between quantity and quality. The main color will compose optical arrangement balance. Color blend mode is determined by various themes, by their actions, colors and temperaments having their heat. Every shade of color express something. Passive colors are used sparingly and in no case as the main colors. The colors, as well as give a certain state of mind: give the impression of somber dark, dark, and the lights open, easy acting on mood. In bouquet, two colors should appear as equal in power and unequal quantity. Decorative effects are obtained if you use one color or colors from the same family. In general, color flowers background color should dominate. The color white is a helpful element decorative and green acts as element neutralize and connection.


Choosing flowers for arrangements be made depending on the color and type, the room where it sits, the place who will handle the arrangement and the season. Bouquet color will be determined by where you have placed. It will be monochrome and compact, on a colored background. If using a single species is good for flowers to be in different stages of development, some buds between open flowers bouquet giving more charm. Also looming in the background polychrome monochrome quiet.


bouquet of flowers can be composed from different varieties of the same species. For example, I can use marigold (Tagetes erecta), from creamy yellow to yellow-orange and scarlet or innkeeper (Zinnia elegans), in various shades of pink and red. Multicolored bouquets, rustic typical summer season (daisies, Nemtisor flower bride etc.) are very effective if they add a few herbs spice. In addition to flower, to be used, most often the leaves of other plants. Decorative effects are obtained in cases where the color of the flowers and leaves contrasts (red flowers with leaves lily green striped with white, tufanele yellow red leaves of autumn, branches of fir or pine with red fruits Macies), or when the we find one of the colors used foliage flowers (carnations or yellow gerbera yellow leaves of croton).


Each color has its own symbol. The green symbolizes freshness, yellow – pleasure, warmth, friendship, discretion, conact intimate; red – greatness, liberty; orange – love, temperament; purple – nobility, peace; gray – indecision.


Arrangements effect


bouquet type and size varies depending on the height at which furniture is placed. For example, a high support, arrangements should be low or down and the sitting on the floor must be tall and rich. Bouquet placed on a low table must be short and composed horizontally. An arrangement for the dining table, seen from all sides, may have a symmetrical shape, while the bouquet for a mobile located on a wall will be asymmetrical, with one side only.


Arrangements Flower and varies by destination they have rooms. In the living room, the composition arrangement takes into account the color of the tablecloth, the type of furniture, crockery. In a modern rooms bouquets will be, preferably, short, compact, relying mostly on color. In a room style, they can be higher and airy. The living room is decorated with rich bouquets. When choosing colors, it will take into account the color curtains, carpets, furniture and even paintings. For example, if a bouquet sits on a table under a picture in it will find the predominant color of the painting.


variants decoration


In Office arrangements will be sober elegance dominating the line as flowers, and the vessels used. In the bedroom, arrangements will be colored delicate and graceful. Avoid strongly scented flowers.


Of great importance in achieving unity between part and whole is the choice of vessel. The flowers will be integrated in the vessel, appearing as a natural continuation of it. There must be an agreement between arrangement and support each party Integrating the other. Vessel form should be as simple, elegant or rustic, respectively. For modern arrangements, we can use, besides high pots, containers flat forms low. Decorations vessel must highlight the bouquet. In monochrome vessels, undecorated, can be multicolored bouquets and in pots with colorful decorations will run simple arrangement of flowers with a color close to the dominant color of the dish. In other words, for each category of vessel have to use flowers best.