First was the garden !

The architect has exploited the natural fall of five meters of land located on the lake. And the work was done “seeing and doing” energy spot and respecting the golden rule: no artificial decorations!

Without rigid blueprints, landscape and chose canvas, colors and subjects and then painted for two years, with more than 300 trees, shrubs and dozens of other plants, desired picture. From stones brought from Buciumeni, each weighing over two tons, hundreds of coniferous reinterpreted Japanese garden and pavilion, everything was put in work … on the spot.

Agronomy Contradicting laws that talk about inefficiency planting pine trees in midsummer, under threat … it dries, the first 70 trees were planted in full sun. And the harvest was rich, because only two of them were subject of said law.

In fact, the garden took shape relatively quickly, despite the huge areas that had arranged more than 5,000 square meters, for the most part were already mature plant being relocated from virtually her experimental nursery. An experiment succeeded fully.

Cedric Japanese maple, juniper, pines, Picea, Thuja, Chamaecyparis, Albizzia julibrissin … In free translation, garden images.

The watercourse continues to the right pontoon. Pavilion was the last piece of landscaped gardens, although poured foundation board from the beginning. The architect and owners believe that the work is actually still evolving.