The trees and their nation guarantees the same landscape, with insignificant changes, throughout the year.

For their part, everything is’ beaten cuie` not unpleasant surprises never fit (as i s One could happen to a plant that can freeze in winter or summer may be appealed by any pest or fungus etc).).

Another advantage, not insignificant, as `parfumarea` air inimitable flavor resin. What you probably did not know is that the air is better, not just more pleasant nose. Conifers releases an incredible amount of negative ions (called `aer` vitamins), with extremely important role in ensuring health.

Even with three, four trees in the yard, you never get the air Breaza, nor can you say that does not change anything And all this with an effort could not be less: all you have to do is get them irrigated several times a year (more often when small being, is in intensive farming), and think well before you plant because, if plants of large (fir, spruce, etc.) and I will let you develop well, sure will be big consumers of space!