Caring for climbing roses

Unlike ordinary rose bushes that need protection over the winter, the climbing roses are more resistant to cold.

Maintenance , the most important aspect is the purpose you have for the roses. If will cover a small fence, cutting it below urmnd makes the new shoots to fully cover the fence. If roses are led on a vault, it should be considered natural setting, so inct increases can form new flowers from base to the top of the canopy.

Straightening sprouts should be done after they moisturize enough so inct allow manipulation without risk of rupture. Annually, required maintenance cuts, which involve removing brushwood, and even thinning imbatrnite branches bush. When cutting branches from the base of the bush can leave ctive buds, they asigurnd future training branches to rejuvenate arrangement.

The roses bloom to light, so airy arrangement allows good lighting. During vegetation, you can make a foliar fertilization range three to four saptamni. Also, the treatment against powdery mildew and rust is required. Removing flowers from the moment when the plant starts to wilt faster help plant new flowers to form.