Buxus Sempervirens , a plant that can be shaped

Because it is suitable for regular cuts, this can be maintained for a long time. Small  flowers, group, green-yellow color appearing only to the adults. Buxus part of almost any setting where there is symmetry or where geometric shapes predominate. It is used mainly for delimiting the alleys, giving a distinct note the way to go.

Although it may be cut to sizes small, Buxus can grow up to 6 m tall like a small tree. It can be planted in shade or in bright conditions, adapting easily to most soils, even if they are poorer in nutrients. The sensitive to blow, causing these overall goals and downward harmonization of the plant. Also, do not support high temperatures of the exhaust gas generated by the mower operating at very small distances of foliage. Perhaps the most important aspect of Buxus plant health is related to pets. The acidity of urine cause significant burns the leaves and even plant loss in some cases.

cutting both the formation of the crown, and the maintenance can make a form obtained once or twice a year. It is suitable for spring season after the first wave of growth, following that year be maintained his form.